Experiencing Life
Submersibles operated by Woods Hole, like the early version of "Alvin" at left, have enabled the discovery of deep sea fishes like the one in the drawing at right.
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Woods Hole Oceanographic Institute & Aquarium

The institute explores all that can be explored about the oceans. They use the famous submersible "Alvin" to explore depths that cannot be explored directly by humans any other way.

The aquarium is much different than the huge Georgia Aquarium in Trip 2. It is a small science aquarium with about 140 animals found just in the ocean of the area.


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  1. Greater Yellowstone
  2. Southeast
  3. Northeast
    1. Acadia National Park/Gulf of Maine
    2. Rachel Carson NWR
    3. Walden Pond
    4. Woods Hole
    5. Lyme, Connecticut
    6. Three Mile Island
    7. Gifford Pinchot SP/Allegheny NF
    8. Love Canal/Niagara Falls/Lake Ontario
    9. Adirondacks
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  5. Northwest
  6. Heartland
  7. California
  8. Great Lakes
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  10. Mid-Atlantic
  11. Alaska
  12. Hawaii
Cape Cod, MA [41.5oN, 70.7oW]

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