Welcome to Experiencing Life

Welcome to Experiencing Life, your travel guide for life!

This is the blog section of the larger Experiencing Life site. The site lays out a series of twelve road trips. A double entendre explains the purpose of the Experiencing Life trips. First, the trips are meant to allow you, the traveler, to experience living things (i.e. concepts of biology) in a more meaningful way than you can in a classroom. Second, the trips provide the kinds of human experiences that make life exciting, interesting and fulfilling.

As I personally visit the sites, I will report here on things you can expect in both categories. I’ll give some of the biology related to the sites on the trips and also share some of the human experiences that I had along the way. Think of it as a travel journal combined with a biology textbook.

Though the trips are laid out to be visited in a specific sequence, based on geography and biological topic, it is not always possible to visit them that way in reality. I have personally been to some of the sites in the trips, but not all of them. So the topics in this blog will not be posted in the sequence laid out in the main site. But, if you’re into travel and/or biology, I think you’ll enjoy the ride!

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